Signing this form does not register a student for a sport. This is to be signed by students that have just enrolled in a sport.


Sports Program Student's Understanding and Commitment Form

The athletic programs of EAGLE Homeschool are intended to help develop in our students Godly qualities such as self-discipline, endurance, self-control, diligence, sportsmanship, teamwork, submission to authority, and numerous other qualities under the oversight of the coaches, Sports can provide our students with "real life" experiences and our goal is to see Godly character developed through these programs.


Students are expected to understand and be committed in representing EAGLE and themselves in a Christ-honoring manner. They are expected to understand and be committed to supporting the following guidelines and policies in order to help ensure a positive sports experience for all involved.


1. I will be committed to:


Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, that it may give grace to those who hear. Ephesians 4:29


While this is a high standard, it represents the distinguishing mark that must characterize our sports program if it is to be distinctively Christian. This general principle should apply to all aspects of EHS athletics, including our attitude to fellow players, our coaches and game officials; as well as other school officials, players, coaches, and fans.


2. I will agree to attend and be on time for practices, meetings, and games and will agree to accept the consequences when late. If it is necessary for me to miss a practice or game for reasons other than illness, I will notify the coach as far in advance as possible. If I am participating on another sports team at the same time as my participation on an EAGLE team, I will give my priority to my EHS commitment over my other team unless satisfactory arrangements have been made in advance with my coach.


3. I agree to inform my coach of an illness or injury that may affect my playing. I understand that lack of practice due to an injury may limit my playing time and that I am still responsible to attend practices and games when injured unless excused by my coach.


4. I understand that use of tobacco, alcohol, or drug products at any EAGLE event (practice, class, game, etc.) will result in automatic dismissal from any EHS sports team.


5.  I understand that I will wear the appropriate uniform (set by conference) for games and clothes (that does not violate EAGLE's dress code) for all athletic events, practices, and EAGLE sponsored events. Violation of this may result in suspension or dismissal from the team.


6. As a part of the EHS sports creed, abusive/profane language and violence/physical altercations are considered unacceptable and may result in suspension or dismissal from the team.


7. I agree to give a 100% effort, attention, and respect to my authority (coaches, referees, school officers, etc.) during games and practices.


I (the student) have read the Student Commitment Form. I agree to these guidelines for students and will support them to the best of my ability, and with God's grace.





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