Established 1985



The mission of Eagle Home School is to encourage and enrich the experiences

of homeschooling families in northeast Mississippi and surrounding areas. 


We are an extra-curricular support group where parents and students join together

to provide opportunities to enhance the homeschool experience

in a way that families cannot do alone. Look around to see all that we bring together!

Ready to join Eagle?

For Membership requirements and form downloads, go to "Connect with Eagle" and then Membership Registration. The Membership deadline to be able to register for enrichment classes in the fall is August 15, 2019.

Basketball Sign-ups

Basketball Sign-ups have begun for boys in 6th- 12th grade!!! Please sign list on the table in the Moms' Room if you take Enrichment classes. If you do not take classes or have any questions, please text Valinda Williford at 662-415-8887. The deadline for 2019-20 year is Oct. 8th.