EAGLE Sports

Homeschool sports programs are growing in Mississippi. Our EAGLE sports program is popular with many members. We are a member of the Tri-State Christian Conference and our teams primarily play private schools. Travel to games is usually no more than 1.5 hours. Some are closer. 

Sports for Boys

Varsity Boys' Flag Football

Grades 6th-12th

Games are August through October

Coach: Bro. Donald Sculley (662) 284-6795 dsculley@rocketmail.com

Assistant Coach: Mike Posey


Varsity Boys' Basketball

Grades 10th-12th

Games are November or December through early March

Coach: Jonas Williford, (662) 603-4499


Junior Varsity Boys' Basketball

Grades 6th-9th

Games are November or December through early March

Coach: David Gould (662) 424-2647  davidgould@bellsouth.net


Sports for Girls

Varsity Girls' Volleyball

Grades 10th-12th

Games are September through October

Coach: Melissa Styers (662) 643-3201 mstyers81@gmail.com


Junior Varsity Girls' Volleyball

Grades 6th-9th

Games are September through October 

Coach: Ashley Brown (662) 587-1652 ashbrown324@gmail.com


Varsity Girls' Basketball

Grades 6th-9th

Coach: Bryson Gilley 


Junior Varsity Girls' Basketball

Grades 10th-12th

Coach: Cathi Heath (731) 610-3715 7heaths@gmail.com


Varsity Cheer

Grades 9th-12th

Cheer at varsity boys' football and basketball games



Junior Varsity Cheer

Grades 5th-8th

Cheer at JV boys' football and basketball games

Coach: Rachel Young (662) 660-4894  rachelcyoung06@gmail.com 

Co-Ed Sports


Grades 4th-12th

Season runs January through March

Coach: Shannon Battles (662) 415-0022

Photos by Keith Jackson were used by permission

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in which we can support, encourage and enrich

the experiences of homeschooling families in northeast Mississippi and surrounding areas. 

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