Signing this form does not register your child for a sport. This is to be signed by parents of students that have just enrolled in a sport.


Sports Program Parent's Understanding and Commitment Form

The athletic programs of EAGLE Homeschool are intended to help develop in our students Godly qualities such as self-discipline, endurance, self-control, diligence, sportsmanship, teamwork, submission to authority, and numerous other qualities under the oversight of the coaches. Sports can provide our students with "real life" experiences and our goal is to see Godly character developed through these programs.


Because of its competitive nature, sports often bring out the "worst" in our human nature. We must not be surprised when we see this less desirable aspect; however, it is in the context of these real life situations that we must recognize and capitalize on these opportunities as coaches, staff, and parents. We should role model, mentor, and instruct our students in the Godly qualities that can be taught in the face of adversity, winning, and losing.


In this context, we ask parents of all student athletes to be committed to the following guidelines in order to help ensure students receive the maximum educational and spiritual benefit.


1. I will be committed to:


Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, that it may give grace to those who hear. Ephesians 4:29


While this is a high standard, it represents the distinguishing mark that must characterize our sports program if it is to be distinctively Christian. This general principle should apply to all aspects of EHS athletics. We agree to respect the judgment of officials and accept their decisions.


2. We understand that the coach is the one who has committed to sacrificing large amounts of his or her personal time in order to work with our young people. We commit ourselves to supporting them in all ways possible. We specifically commit to refraining from criticizing him or her to others, or to our children. If we have concerns, we will first commit them to Christ in prayer, and then speak directly with him or her in a private manner if we still feel it necessary. If we are not satisfied after speaking with the coach, we will then approach the athletic committee wit the intent of dealing with our concerns in a Biblical manner.


3. At athletic events, we will refrain from public criticism of the officials or players and coaches from other teams. If we have significant concerns during the game which we feel need to be addressed, we will express them to a school official.


4. We will not berate or criticize our children or those of other parents during athletic events. We will contribute to being an encouraging fan base at all times.


5. We recognize that sports are much like real life. Participation on sports teams does not always represent that which is "fair" or the "perfect" environment. We recognize that such experiences--within reasonable parameters--provide our children with real life scenarios that will help prepare them for the realities of adult life. Instead of quickly intervening in order to try to make things "fair" for our child, we will see God's wisdom in making the most by helping our child to work through the difficulties he or she may be encountering.


6. Our coaches will do all possible to give playing time to each team member. However, at this competitive level, the coaches will use their judgment in placing what they consider to be the best combination of players in order to win the game. Comparable playing time for individual athletes will not be a primary consideration. At this level, understand that there are valuable lessons--even for those with less playing time--in learning to be committed to the best interests of  the overall team and in learning to defer to the coach's judgment.


I (We) have read the Parent Commitment Form. I agree with the above guidelines for parents and will support them to the best of our ability, and with God's grace.


I (We) have also read the STUDENT COMMITMENT FORM. I (We) will do my best to help my child(ren) uphold the commitments listed on that form. In doing so, I will encourage, correct, and demonstrate, myself, the requirements stated in that commitment.


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