Choosing a Curriculum

There are as many ways to homeschool as there are families. Even if you use the same curriculum as your favorite homeschooling buddy, you put your own slant on it. The only totally 100% wrong way to homeschool is to not do anything at all.


So….let’s get started!


Choosing a curriculum can be a daunting task that will be defined by your own personal perimeters. For instance: Are you beginning your homeschool journey with a 5 year old first time ever student? Or are you beginning your journey with an older student that is coming home from another schooling environment (i.e. public school)? A boxed set of curriculum is usually a set of grade level specific books that covers normal school subjects. aBeka, Alpha Omega, and Rod & Staff are some examples of a boxed set. Eclectic curriculum is a mix of various curriculum, choosing from many different companies to buy your curriculum, such as CBD and Timberdoodle. A note of caution: If you are pulling your older child from a traditional setting, a boxed curriculum for the first year can possibly help you get more comfortable with homeschooling.


There is also a price to consider. You the parent will be responsible to buy all of your child’s curriculum. That can range from $0.00 to the thousands, with a medium range usually of $200-$300. There are free online sites, where you download and print your curriculum yourself. Some homeschooling sites offer curriculum on specific subjects, costing from as little as a few dollars, up to the more expensive choices. Consider the components of the curriculum carefully. If you are not inclined to “craftsy” things, choosing a craft-laden curriculum could be a nightmare.


Once you have chosen your curriculum, it is wise to sit down and make at least a tentative schedule. Many curriculums will have a suggested schedule, but take time to look at your life schedule. If your husband works second shift, or your wife is a nurse with split shifts, you may need to arrange for those days. And don’t forget EAGLE enrichment classes! A tentative plan or a fully developed schedule can be a great friend to you.


Now we are down to the gritty task of actually homeschooling. That, my friend, is where you will begin to live in the trenches! Homeschooling is a wonderful journey; but as with any journey, there are ups and downs. EAGLE Home School Association is a support group. There are Enrichment classes, Moms' Nights Out, sports, and other opportunities to round out your homeschooling journey. Check out the links below that lead to lists of curriculum choices. Pray over them, read through the company’s synopsis, and talk to other homeschoolers. EAGLE hopes that you have a wonderful, blessed homeschooling journey.


Okay, now for the links. Most of these are comprehensive lists of different curriculums. There are additional links on the web pages that generally link directly to the publisher’s website.





This is a good representation of the information available. Some sites do list secular sources. EAGLE does not recommend or endorse these companies; the lists are for your convenience. EAGLE is also not responsible for the curriculum contents, your use of it, or for the education of your child. That being said: many members would be glad to give their opinion of a curriculum if you ask.