QuickStart Guide to Homeschooling

Getting starting homeschooling is exciting! But it can also be overwhelming! Our hope is that these 5 short videos will help any new/potential homeschoolers get a solid start as you consider this amazing journey. Think of it as your Quickstart Guide!

What's your why?

Don't skip this super important step as you consider homeschooling!! Take time to talk it out and write it down - you'll be glad you did!

What's the law?

We are very fortunate in Mississippi to have minimal requirements to be able to homeschool. Check out the details in this video!

For more on legal requirements in your state: https://hslda.org/legal

You can also find some more detail and links for MS, TN and AL on Eagle's website: https://www.eaglehomeschool.com/new-to-homeschooling/

Some FAQ: https://www.mhea.net/mississippi-law

What methods are there?

The most common question, but also sometimes the most overwhelming decision - what curriculum to use!! This video will help you understand some of the major categories out there.


Abeka - www.abeka.com
Bob Jones - www.bjupress.com
Christian Light - www.clp.org
Alpha Omega - www.aop.com
Rod and Staff - www.rodstaff.com


Books to learn more:
Charlotte Mason Companion, Karen Andreola
A Charlotte Mason Education: A Home Schooling How-to Manual, Catherine Levison
For the Children's Sake, Susan Schaeffer Macaulay 
Five in a Row - www.fiveinarow.com
Heart of Dakota - www.heartofdakota.com
Beautiful Feet - www.bfbooks.com
Ambleside Online - www.amblesideonline.org


Books to learn more:
How to Create Your Own Unit Study, Valerie Bendt
What Your Child Needs to Know When, Robin Scarlatta
Konos Character Curriculum - www.konos.com
The Weaver Curriculum - www.aop.com/curriculum/weaver
In the Hands of a Child - www.handsofachild.com
Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett - www.unitstudy.com


Books to learn more:
Teaching the Trivium, Laurie and Harvey Bluedorn
The Well-Trained Mind, Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer
Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, Douglas Wilson
Memoria Press - www.memoriapress.com
Classical Conversations - www.classicalconversationsbooks.com
Integritas Classical Community (a group right here in Corinth!) - www.integritasclassicalcommunity.com
Veritas Press - www.veritaspress.com
Tapestry of Grace - www.tapestryofgrace.com


Master Books - www.masterbooks.com
Sonlight - www.sonlight.com
Timberdoodle - www.timberdoodle.com
My Father's World - www.mfwbooks.com

What's your style?

Knowing your child's learning style can go a long way toward helping your homeschool experience be more effective!! In this video, we'll talk about the three major learning modalities: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. 

There are many other approaches to learning about your child's unique mind that can strengthen your homeschooling - way too many to discuss in this one video!! Check out some of the links below to find out more!!

Diana Waring has some wonderful videos and articles explaining different learning styles. She does "plug" her curricula in these videos (and rightly so), but this information is applicable across the board:

Eight Types of Intelligence - these are natural potential and interest areas. Be sure to check out her video series on these intelligences, too! You'll find them in the side bar of this article. https://www.dianawaring.com/types-of-intelligence/

Learning Styles - these are more learning (and teaching) personalities, and can have a great impact on how smoothly learning (and relationships!) go.
Be sure to check out the two videos concerning learning styles and teaching styles!!

Learning Modalities - what I talked about briefly in the video.

Need a nudge? Here are a couple of quizzes to help you get started:

How do you get connected?

Homeschooling is a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be stressful and lonely. Getting connected with other homeschoolers is an important part of a successful homeschool experience.

Home School Legal Defense Association - www.hslda.org

Homeschool conferences:

Here's an article with a brief description of several homeschooling blogs out there (1, 4, 9 and 18 are ones that I follow, but I'll be checking out some of the others!) Many of these blogs also host Facebook groups.

Mississippi Home Educators Association - www.mhea.net

And last but not least, Eagle Homeschool Association!!!
Membership for the new year opens on July 1!!