Eagle Prom 2024 is scheduled for Friday, April 19, at Franklin Courtyard in downtown Corinth. Prom theme is Golden Masquerade Ball.

Prom Dress Code


As you look forward to a special evening at our Spring Formal this year, please be sure to prepare appropriately as you consider what to wear. Guys, your dates are responsible for following these guidelines as well – please share this with them! 


Because the Eagle Board takes these guidelines very seriously, we are asking everyone that purchases a prom ticket (students and parents) to please read the following dress code and then acknowledge your understanding in the form you will be filling out below. Adherence to these standards is required to be admitted to the prom. If you show up wearing something outside these parameters, you will be asked to leave. There will be no refunds given for prom tickets.


Dress should meet the following criteria:

·      Nothing more than 6” above the knee (including slits)

·      No mid-drifts, period

·      Sheer material is equivalent to not covered

·      No cleavage or appearance of cleavage (no nude-colored material creating illusion)

·      May be strapless, but must be high enough not to show cleavage

·      Must not be lower than a regular bra would be in the back (no lower than bottom of shoulder blades) or under the arms

·      May not be skin-tight form fitting


Guys, please dress with respect to the formal nature of the event. Tuxedos are not required, but we do ask that you dress up (no jeans). Also, for all guests, regular Eagle dress code standards apply to casual clothing for the After Party.


Thank you for helping us maintain these standards!!