Eagle One Fund

Rienzi School Updates

We had our first official Work Day on October 19, and we got a LOT done!! Our goal was to clean out the trash and un-needed items, and we filled our dumpster pretty quickly!! Many thanks to those that were able to be there and help!! Check out some of the before and after pictures below!!


Our next work day will be Saturday, November 9, at 9:00. We will have the dumpster again for all the trash that wouldn't fit the first time around, plus we will be moving items from our storage units into storage space at the gym. Make plans to be there and lend a hand!


We are asking our families to consider donating at least $1 a week over the course of a year to support this ongoing project. You could give your $52 all at once, or literally bring a buck each week to classes. We know not everyone will be able to do this, but we also know that some of you will be able to do much more.  Please see below for ways you can contribute. Thank you in advance!!


Our first phase of work will be to get the gym ready for use this fall, which will include some work on the gym floor, concession stand and bathrooms, among other things.


There are also several items that need attention to be able to get into the Rienzi school building for classes next fall:

Utility deposits

Building walls to split the large rooms so that we can have more rooms

Replace some flooring

Replace some ceiling tiles


Update bathrooms

Nursery set-up


Furniture (to finish out what’s been left at the school)


There will also be other areas that will need our attention eventually - things like the playground, sports field and associated upgrades, kitchen, additional electronics and library expansion. These will all come in time as God provides!

How you can give

In Person

We will have an EAGLE ONE FUND display in the Moms’ Room each week at Enrichment Classes as well as at Creation Night. You can bring your donations, whether it’s a check, a dollar, or your spare change. Any gift is greatly appreciated!!


If it is more convenient for you to give your gift online, please use the PayPal button below. When giving, be sure to designate your gift for the Eagle One Fund. 


 One way you can help contribute to our Eagle One Fund is by using a service called FlipGive. Very simply, you join our team on FlipGive (directions below) and then start all your online shopping through our team page. With FlipGive, our team raises money every time you shop with hundreds of popular brands like Walmart, Starbucks, Dick's, Buffalo Wild Wings and Mobil.


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