Eagle One Fund

Rienzi School Updates

 We have spent a whole lot of  hours, money and man-power cleaning up the Rienzi gym to be able to have our home games there for the last two years for basketball and volleyball season, adding archery this semester! From the refinished gym floor to fixing the gym lights and scoreboard, installing the volleyball sleeves and painting dressing rooms, to getting bathrooms and the concession stand ready to use, as well as other repairs, our sports program (and others) has worked HARD to get that gym ready!!  So nice to have a "nest" for our awesome EAGLES!!


We also held a couple of work days for a first-pass cleanup in the school building, filling two dumpsters in the process!! Many thanks to all those who participated to help get that huge job done!!


Unfortunately, our plans to start renovations in the school building last spring were delayed as were most events during quarantine.  We were able to get a lease signed and electricity turned on this past fall, we have gotten a lot done in the school during the work days we had this spring! We were excited to have a mini semester of classes on the four Tuesdays in April!! 


We are excited about more construction, renovation and decorating over the summer, all to have everything ready to go full blast this fall!!! 

Wish List

Thank you so much for the many items that have been donated so far!! Here are some items that we still need:

  • We need some cross ties to replace rotten ones on the playground. Like - a LOT (around 80) We will be working around them for now, but would love to make that update eventually. I’d love to find a way to get some discarded ones from the railways around.
  •  This is more of a "who you know" or "where you work" kind of request, but this summer we will be building dividing walls in several of the classrooms. We will need lumber, insulation, and paneling as well as doors and hardware. We anticipate building 8 to 10 walls.
  • Eagle purchased a first round of folding tables and chairs last summer so that we could make the gym a more multi-purpose facility, and we will be moving those over to the school, but we will need more before the fall semester. We need another 40 tables. Chairs have been taken care of!! You can sponsor a table for $45.  
  • We need about 148 ceiling tiles (24x48) to replace several that were removed and a few that have been damaged.
  • Toilet brushes and plungers (6 bathrooms total – eventually)
  • Bug spray
  • Storage cabinets for each classroom 


We are asking our families to consider donating at least $1 a week over the course of a year to support this ongoing project. You could give your $52 all at once, or just as you can. We know not everyone will be able to do this, but we also know that some of you will be able to do much more.  Please pray about how God might want you to support what He is doing at Eagle. See below for ways you can contribute. Thank you in advance!!


Our first phase of work was getting the gym ready for use in the fall of 2019, which was a wonderful success!! There is still work to be done, but it is wonderful to have a "nest" for our awesome EAGLES!! We are now in the process of cleaning up and renovating the school building in anticipation of resuming our enrichment classes for all ages.


There are also several items that need attention to be able to get into the Rienzi school building for classesl:

Building walls to split the large rooms so that we can have more rooms

Replace some flooring

Replace some ceiling tiles


Update bathrooms

Nursery set-up



Playground repairs


There will also be other areas that will need our attention eventually - things like the sports field and associated upgrades, kitchen, additional electronics and library expansion. These will all come in time as God provides!

How you can give

In Person

If you would prefer to make a non-electronic donation, you are welcome to make a donation at any Eagle function, or you can mail your donation made out to Eagle Home School Inc, c/o Treasurer, 235 CR 134, Tishomingo, MS 38873.


If it is more convenient for you to give your gift online, you can use PayPal to give directly to Eagle. To save us fee expenses, you can go directly to PayPal and donate to eaglehsgroup@gmail.com as "Friends and Family,"  or you can use the PayPal button below, understanding that a small portion of your gift will go toward PayPal fees. When giving, be sure to designate your gift for the Eagle One Fund. 

Amazon Smile

This link will take you directly to smile.amazon.com in support of EAGLE so you won’t have to search for us among all the other organizations. A small percentage of all qualifying purchases will be donated directly to Eagle!!