Enrichment Class Rules, Behavior, and Dress Standards

Enrichment Class Rules

These rules have been designed to ensure efficient and orderly Tuesdays for us all. Our main goal is to provide the best classes for our children and yours.  Please do not be offended by these rules. Respect them. Please read and sign, stating that you have read and will comply with these rules. Also please inform all family members attending classes of these requirements.  Thank you!


  1. To register for Tuesday classes, your family must have current EAGLE membership.
  2. At least one person in every family MUST volunteer - substitute teacher, assistant teacher, creation night help, Tuesday set-up, Tuesday take down, etc - before registering a child/children for classes.  Volunteers will be held accountable in their position.  
  3. All class fees should be paid on registration day by cash or check.  If making payments, postdate three checks for dates to be announced at registration; include checks with your registration form.
  4. There will be NO refunds for classes.  We ask that you thoroughly investigate each class for any conflicts of interest before registering your child. Teachers are available for questions.
  5. A short e-mail/phone pre-registration will be available for anyone unable to attend the set registration day.  Please note, however, that your child/children will not be signed-up for classes until all others have registered, and it’s possible that your child might not get the class he/she wants. Classes are filled on a “first come-first serve” basis. We understand that emergencies arise and are sympathetic to these cases.  The Enrichment Director and EAGLE President will handle these cases.
  6. Please do not bring any non-EAGLE members to any enrichment class unless approved by the Class Teacher, Enrichment Director, or EAGLE President.
  7. No child should leave class early without a parent/guardian contacting the child’s teacher.
  8. During class hours, all students should either be in their enrolled class or with other adult supervision.  No child/children should roam the halls or be unsupervised.
  9. There will be no public displays of affection on church property.
  10. Please no skateboards, roller blades, heelys, bikes, etc in the church or parking lot.
  11. Respect our host church and its building at all times.  
  12. No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed on the premises of East Booneville Baptist Church.
  13. Use of cell phones or other personal electronic devises is prohibited during class time.

Behavior and Dress Standards

Eagle leadership has developed these standards as guidelines to follow during Eagle activities and events. These rules are not all-inclusive, for it is virtually impossible to address every detail and aspect thereof since there are many different convictions concerning these topics. In instances where rules do not expressly state a given situation, “appropriate” dress will be at the discretion of the event organizer or the Eagle president.  Anyone not attired appropriately or exhibiting inappropriate behavior that is detrimental or distractive will be asked to leave the event until attire or behavior is corrected.  Any fees paid for event will be forfeited.


  1. As a matter of personal pride, Eagle members should maintain high standards of neatness and appropriateness of dress, appearance, and behavior.  Dress and conduct yourselves in a way that reflects Christ and honors Him. 
  2. Hair and body should be clean and neat in appearance without obnoxious odors.  Picks, combs, rollers, extreme color, and vision obstructing hair are not permitted.  
  3. Shorts should not exceed 6 inches above the top of knee and must not expose any undergarment. Tight/form fitting shorts (cycling, spandex, Umbros etc) are inappropriate as well.
  4. Sweat pants, leggings, scrubs, pajama pants, or loose/sagging pants and/or shorts that fall below the waistlines are not appropriate.  
  5. Dresses and skirts should be appropriate for bending, stooping, sitting and working overhead.
  6. Shirts should not show midriff while walking, standing, or sitting.  No blouse should be so low in the front or sides to expose any part of the breast or so low in the back to expose the shoulder blades. No muscle shirts, tube tops, fishnet tops. Basketball jerseys or other such transparent clothing need appropriate undergarments. Over-shirts permitted with proper underclothing.
  7. Shoes or sandals shall be worn.  House shoes and cleats are inappropriate.  Lace and tie shoes as they should be. Also, fasteners and buckles should be worn as they were designed with an appropriate article of clothing.
  8. Clothing or jewelry/ornamentation that contains or depicts illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, violence, suggestive language, derogatory symbols, or negative ethnic remarks is inappropriate. Neither male nor female should wear ring/studs in noses, tongues or other exposed body part other than their ear.
  9. Clothing, accessories, or grooming that indicates or implies membership, affiliation, or association with gangs, gang activity, or the occult is prohibited.
  10. Public displays of affection are not allowed at Eagle functions.
  11. Use of, possession of, or transfer of tobacco products or e-cigarettes will not be permitted at Eagle functions.
  12. No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed at Eagle functions.